Conscientĭa (autobiography)


“Acknowledgment of oneself and of its surroundings, it relates with morality as well as to the normal reception of the interior and exterior stimuli. Conscientĭa literally means «with knowledge of» (from latín cum scientĭa). It refers to having a sense of selfhood, the human’s spirit acknowledgment of its own existence, states or actions”.

Consciousness can be understood as a result of internalization and assimilation of experiences, with access to the succession of instants kept in the unconscious. This unconscious that Freud introduced as being susceptible to become consciousness, as it appears and disappears through memory. The shape “the self” takes as a direct consequence of the daily sensitive interaction; a constant confrontation.

I approach consciousness as part of the life process that allows oneself build its own persona, its identity. It results from experiences that define us, up to where every single action is completely ‘under the knowledge of’. My interest in working with this subject is to understand people´s alienation, when they appear to be in a detachment state with themselves. A possible consequence of their fear of achieving true connection with one’s self, into the most intimate and profound of introspection and the rationalization of feelings and sensations.

I pretend to represent these succession of instants through photographs that invite the spectators to access memories which, in spite of being personal, can also belong to the collective memory. I aim to create a subtle path that will allow them to go through the process and layers of consciousness.

I here propose a psyche map, based on the apartment’s architectural plans: mother’s presence (kitchen), the ‘not me’ (living room), intimacy (guest room), absolute introspection (main room).

The format chosen to represent these instants is the post-it, whose use is that of ‘reminding us’. This post-its will be distributed along the spaces according to personal classification and priorities. A recording will be made to register this performance. The main room will have a screening of a contemporary dance performance interpreting the complexity of the consciousness.