The dividing line in dualities, which gives the impression of being distinguishable, tends to dissolve when given a closer look; a fluid and blurry line where contrary forces are somehow allowed to act as complimentary. In a place with spiritual connotation, an intangible and yet perceivable threshold reveals itself. In this place, where life and death face each other without ever replacing one another, the artist has found a threshold where this line blurs and duals find their closest point of encounter. These duals with their opposing forces allow this seemingly impossible reality to exist. A paradox of unity/duality.

As though bringing the outside to the inside, the gold line invites a ray of light in a place with no windows, while the peaceful sounds of a warm summer is being washed by a chaotic storm. Whether it is outside or inside, summer or winter, dualities find a place to coexist and play with each other creating movement with their tensions. Seeking to find new ways to configure and perceive space, the artist plays with the elements of depth, sound and light, bringing the imagination into confusion for it to further distinguish undefined thresholds.