Los hilos que nos entretejen

The threads that interweave us

Los hilos que nos entretejen elaborates on the understanding that everything is interconnected, from the whole cosmos to the smallest imaginable particle. As moments of convivencia (close spending-together-time) fade in our societies, so does the knowledge brought to us by our ancestors. The aftermath of the capitalist surplus labour has pushed us away from traditional techniques, through which—by spending time collectively—complex systems of beliefs and knowledge have historically been conveyed. As we have become more and more individualized, we have fragmented our collective memory and drifted away from ourselves, disintegrating our sense of identity and weakening the nodes supporting the cognisance of a whole. A social dissonance can be felt as we negate the realities that oppress us and now, as Holloway suggests, we can only scream.

This piece approaches the back-strap weaving techniques from Chiapas as a way to deal with the collective scream. It explores these techniques as a means to connect and reconnect with nature, with ourselves and others, building collective consciousness and self-awareness while inspiriting the passing-on of knowledge. This work attempts to weave these fragments while integrating elements of the technological realm, which have been seen by some as paradoxical in the nostalgic aspiration to preserve the “traditional.”


This project is part of my praxis thesis for the MA Raumstrategien at KHB, Berlin. It will also take part of a larger collective project by Colectivo Dos bolitas estambrudas.